HubblePhone is a multi-screen, dual CPU smartphone with 5G connectivity

 HubblePhone is a multi-screen, dual CPU smartphone with 5G 

Turing Space Industries (previous Turing Robotic Industries) has revealed an idea for its next cell phone. The HubblePhone is a multi-screen cell phone that'll be controlled by double portable processors and bolster 5G availability when it lands in mid-2020… or maybe more precisely, on the off chance that it touches base by any means.

The HubblePhone will include four screens (well, in fact three on the off chance that you check the "fundamental" show that folds over the back as a solitary unit), a slick contrivance until the point that you understand you can just truly utilize two screens on the double. There's likewise the flexible arm that looks defenseless to severing in a matter of moments, two Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chips that'll be obsolete when the telephone dispatches and a monster swell at the best that houses a 60-megapixel, 15x optical zoom camera.

The handset's video altering programming will predominate anything accessible on the present cell phone, we're told. Its spec posting refers to a double OS approach running
(Android P) and Sailfish 3.

What's the battery life going to resemble on a gadget with four screens? Indeed, even with double batteries (a 2,800mAh unit in the upper deck and a 3,300mAh unit in the fundamental deck), it's difficult to perceive how such a gadget would have fair battery life except if there are some real battery headways in the following couple of years.

Gracious, and there's the cost. Turing anticipates that individuals will pay $2,749 for the HubblePhone.

There's additionally the issue of Turin's checkered past as this wouldn't be the first (or second) telephone it has propelled without contention and the entire chapter 11 thing.

Turing expects to transport the HubblePhone in the US by June 2020 with plans to dispatch in Europe by August 2020, China by September 2020 and whatever remains of the world by December 2020.
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