Lenovo Z5 Pro Launch Set for October 1 || Tipped to Sport Manual Camera Slider, Notch-Less Display


Lenovo Z5 Pro tipped to have a camera slider like Oppo Find X 

Be that as it may, the slider will be manual, and not mechanized 

Lenovo Z5 Pro with score less showcase to dispatch on October 1 

Lenovo Z5 Pro Launch Set for October 1
Lenovo Z5 Pro Launch Set for October 1.

In the wake of making tall cases, Lenovo divulged the Z5 cell phone in June with a few guarantees unfulfilled, for example, the completely bezel-less plan. Running up to the dispatch of the Lenovo Z5, VP Chang Chen had discharged a few mysteries promising an indent less showcase, a mammoth battery, and 4TB of capacity too. Notwithstanding, none of that was seen on the Lenovo Z5 when it was disclosed authoritatively, and was simply one more iPhone X clone that could without much of a stretch be overlooked in the midst of all the opposition. Presently, an organization official has affirmed that the updated Lenovo Z5 Pro cell phone is touching base on October 1, and the variation may don some of what was guaranteed by Chen, if not every last bit of it.

One of the officials at Lenovo has shared a picture of Chen at a public interview in Beijing exhibiting an indent less Lenovo Z5 Pro. On Weibo, the official said that the Lenovo Z5 Pro will be authoritatively declared on October 1, which is thought to be National Day in China. The official said that 'there are astounds on National Day, and that he will deal with the old Liu later on' indicating at all the tall cases made by Cheng.

Regardless, a hands-on record of the Lenovo Z5 Pro was additionally spilled on Weibo as of late demonstrating a camera slider like the one we see on the Oppo Find X. In the video, it tends to be seen that the camera slides in and out physically, and not with the assistance of an engine - like on the Oppo Find X.
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